Treasures from grandmas attic

I’m visiting my grandma and because I have this secret treasure hunter in me I went on the attic searching for useful stuff.
I found many buttons, I guess it is because she used to sew a lot.
Here are some impressions:



I don’t know yet what to do with them. But I’m thinking jewelry and pimping my clothes. Got any ideas?
Also I found some fabrics:


Maybe I’m going to do the clutch I wanted to do for quite some time.
What do you think?




Long time no see

Hello my dear followers,

these last weeks I had a lot of exams, I’m so sorry for not posting anything :(

So now to the real disaster, last weekend I drove home because the next month I have my semester break. And what did I forget?? All my diying stuff :(( So I’m not sure what to blog this month. I guess I will be doing more recipes like this and maybe more fashion stuff, at least all my (possibly) successful shopping tours.

My best diying tip for this summer are bracelets. Make your own arm party with lots of bracelets!! :))

cute bracelet

cute heart bracelet


Dress transformed into top

It’s time to create some space in my closet, I’m selling some of my old stuff online.

I love dots, so I couldn’t throw this old dress out, although it doesn’t have a good fit.

So I cut the lower part off, now I got an awesome new top. :)

With the left over material I made a headband.

Here is the dress, cut in two parts :


The reaming top:


The headband:


Es ist Zeit endlich Platz für neues in meinem Schrank zu schaffen.

Dazu habe ich einen Teil von meinen Sachen online verkauft (

Dieses alte Kleid wollte ich nicht weggeben, denn ich liebe Punkte! :)

Also habe ich den unteren Teil abgeschnitten und mir damit ein neues Top geschaffen.

Aus dem restlichen Stoff habe ich ein Haarband gemacht.

Hier ist das Ergebnis: